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The Master’s degree program Economics and Management is designed to prepare university-educated professionals with economic knowledge and managerial skills that are able to act in higher or top management positions not only in the business sphere after acquiring appropriate practice. Emphasis is placed on international accents of entrepreneurial activities during study. Successful graduates are prepared to enter the job market immediately or they have the opportunity to continue in PhD studies.


In management positions of higher management of companies, non-profit or contributory organizations and financial institutions. In managerial positions in international business environment. In accounting departments of companies and in audit organizations. In scientific and pedagogical fields focused on the issues of economics and management with the possibility of continuing the study in the PhD programme of Economics and management.


Vybrané předměty

  • Advanced microeconomics

  • Advanced macroeconomics

  • Strategic marketing

  • Strategic management

  • Human resource management

  • International taxation and tax systems

  • Managing innovation

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